4 Bad AC Habits That Are Costing You Money

4 Bad AC Habits That Are Costing You Money

We all have bad energy habits, such as sitting in front of an open freezer door to allow the cold air out, or the age-old practice of leaving the lights on throughout the day when no one is home. Certain AC practices are so bad that they dramatically increase your electricity bill. Below are some tips on how to prevent this.

You May Save Money by Avoiding These Four Bad AC Habits:

Adjust the Temperature Too Low

According to AC maintenance in Portland, OR, experts, many air conditioner users believe that lowering the thermostat will enhance air conditioning capacity and speed up the cooling process. However, it is impossible to adjust the room’s actual temperature, regardless of the outside temperature.

Additionally, a machine that has to operate continually due to a low temperature will use more energy and have a shorter lifespan. Even with inverter models, this approach is only valid up to a certain point; after that point, the machine can only reduce capacity, not raise it further. This also increases the need for AC repair Lake Oswego.

Missing AC Maintenance Appointments

According to ductless HVAC services Lake Oswego OR experts, this is perhaps the worst HVAC habit you could have. Your AC system’s deteriorating components may make it difficult for it to chill your house, which raises your expenses. Your air conditioner’s efficiency is tested for any issues through routine maintenance. Additionally, it lengthens its longevity.

Leaving the AC On

The only power source for air conditioners, whether window or central systems, is electricity, which consumes much of it. According to AC maintenance Portland OR, experts, depending on how hot and lengthy your summers are, leaving the central air conditioning on when no one is home can add up to hundreds of dollars per season. It costs nearly half as much to leave a window air conditioner on to cool a vacant space. Changing your thermostat might significantly impact you if you don’t like coming home to a hot house.

Failing to Change or Clean the Filters

If dirt gets inside, the air conditioner’s cooling ability will drop, requiring more energy to bring the temperature down to the desired level. Therefore, it is essential to routinely ventilate the outside and indoor units to prevent dust and grime from adhering to ensure that the air conditioner can supply enough cool air.

According to experts of AC service Lake Oswego, older models of air conditioners require more care and maintenance. If there is dust in the interior unit’s filter, the air conditioner won’t be able to circulate cool air in the space. When the air conditioner runs, it is simple to block the outdoor unit, leaving the external heat exchanger without ventilation.


Cracks allow air to pass through continuously. Though most of these air leaks are tiny, they force your AC system to work harder than necessary. If you need reliable AC repair in Lake Oswego, Trantel Heating & Cooling is your best option. Call us at 503-808-9946 to schedule an appointment today.