5 Essential Factors For Furnace Installation

5 Essential Factors For Furnace Installation

The furnace is an essential part of every homeowner’s lifestyle. It spreads warmth and maintains the comfort of home. However, several factors can affect the efficiency of the furnace. Improper installation is one of them, which not only affects the efficiency of the furnace, but it can also impact the life span of the furnace.

Therefore, it’s important to know the factors for furnace installation. It will help you experience the best efficiency of your furnace. Contact Trantel Services for furnace installation Portland OR.

5 Important Factors to Remember During Furnace Installation

Ideal Size of the Furnace

It’s imperative to know the size of the furnace that can efficiently heat the home.. A wrong size will decrease its efficiency and perhaps reduce comfort.

Several other factors, like the climate, structure of the home, and insulation quality, also matter. Therefore, you must reevaluate these factors to choose the best size furnace for you.

Fuel Source

The kind of fuel that the furnace uses may have a considerable effect on its performance. Every fuel source has its advantages and disadvantages. So when buying a new furnace, homeowners must consider how it can affect their home and lifestyle.

There are three types of furnaces, i.e., gas, oil, and electric. The gas furnace burns natural gas to provide heating to the home. It has on-site tanks to store flammable oil, making it more available to places with low-connection facilities. Whereas the electric furnace is the most popular and efficient means of fuel. However, it is not very economical.

Functional Ducts and Vents

Inspecting the ductwork and vents before installing the new furnace is essential. Poorly sealed ducts can result in substantial energy loss, while the presence of dirt and debris in the vents can prevent proper air circulation. It can affect the efficiency and performance of the furnace.

Ignoring proper installation can make the gas furnace unsafe for use. Moreover, it can exponentially increase energy consumption resulting in increased energy bills. Thus it increases the chances of costly furnace repair in Portland, OR.

Switch to a Smart Thermostat

The thermostat is the device that helps to regulate the temperature of the heating system according to the external environment. With its help, homeowners can set a schedule for their furnaces. It will help the owners regulate the temperature efficiently even if they are not at home.

Proper Maintenance

Many homeowners need to learn the importance of maintenance. Thus, they often complain about the inefficiency of newly installed furnaces. Without a proper tune-up, the system will not be able to work efficiently and cannot give the desired result.

With proper maintenance and tune-up, the system will work efficiently. Moreover, the longevity of the system will also increase. Consulting a professional will be more beneficial as it will help the owners to conduct a thorough study of their furnaces.


The efficiency of the furnace depends on its maintenance. However, without proper installation, no tune-up will be as effective. Trantel Services provides the best furnace repair in West Linn and furnace installation that helps the owners maintain the efficiency of their units. For more information, contact us at (503) 808-9946.