Are Annual Furnace Inspections Necessary?

Are Annual Furnace Inspections Necessary?

Maintenance and tune-up visits are essential to your HVAC systems performance. There are several reasons why HVAC contractors strongly advise you to schedule an inspection before the start of each heating season.

Advantages of Yearly Furnace Inspections


  • Safety

A flame furnace malfunction can be particularly dangerous. It could be destructive if a gas leak or carbon monoxide buildup isn’t fixed immediately. Fortunately, a skilled technician can keep the furnace in good working order to ensure that these issues don’t occur. We also offer the best services of heating replacement Lake Oswego.

  • Adequate Airflow

A tune-up is designed to ensure that the system runs smoothly, and one of the first things a technician will look for is limited airflow. If the air filter is clogged, the blower is clogged with dirt or other debris, or if there are obstructions inside the ductwork, this may occur.

  • Clean Air

The professional that visits your home for your yearly tune-up will clean your HVAC system inside and out, preventing your furnace from dispersing airborne contaminants once it is turned on.

  • Convenience

Annual maintenance inspections are easily accommodated into your schedule. However, malfunctions can happen at any time. If your furnace breaks down on the coldest night of the year or during one of your busiest work weeks, it might seriously affect your personal and professional life.

It can even cause you to leave your house for a few days while you wait for an HVAC specialist to complete the necessary furnace repair West Linn.

  • Cost Savings for Repairs

Annual maintenance inspection plans are inexpensive and help to avoid costly repairs since they allow HVAC experts to discover and address minor issues before they grow into much larger issues that could potentially risk the survival of your furnace.

  • Greater Energy Efficiency

Good quality furnaces can only provide superior performance if they are kept in good working order. Every component of a furnace needs to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, dirt and grime can accumulate and prevent the furnace from operating efficiently.

What Exactly Takes Place During the Inspections?

Each project for the annual inspection is unique. There are differences in the scope and depth of the inspections from one company to the next. However, any qualified and customer-focused furnace technician will conduct the majority of the following inspection and repair tasks:

  • Inspect and fix any clogged venting systems to ensure no leaks occur.
  • Examine the heat exchanger for leaks and cracks.
  • Replace or clean the air filters.
  • Poorly installed or malfunctioning safety switches are likely to result in overheating problems, which could lead to fire outbreaks.
  • Check the cleanliness and accuracy of the flame sensors and igniting devices.
  • Ensure the combustion blowers are not blocked, and there are no amp draws and no bearing noises.
  • Make sure the central blower of the furnace has accurate capacity readings by looking at it.
  • Look out for corrosive materials and bad connections.

Annual inspections are a great way to keep your furnace in top condition, and choosing Trantel Services to conduct the task makes this even more true. Our trained technicians are specialists in furnace installation Portland, and we urge you to call us immediately to schedule your autumn tune-up and inspection.