Controlling the Temperature and Humidity in Your Home is Crucial

Controlling the Temperature and Humidity in Your Home is Crucial

As the HVAC system ages, its ability to maintain humidity in your home becomes weaker. That’s why when the time comes, you should call the heater replacement expert in Portland, OR, to replace the HVAC system.

Regulating the humidity level in your home is essential for optimal health and comfort. Furthermore, it will help you ensure your home’s structure is in good condition and your energy systems are performing efficiently. We provide Heat pump service West linn OR  top notch service 

Reasons why maintaining humidity levels is essential

It is essential to maintain the recommended level of humidity in your home for these reasons:

• Rising electricity bills.

Your health may suffer from an imbalanced humidity level in your house. It may also lead to an increase in your energy bills. High humidity can make your home seem much warmer than it is, causing you to use your AC/HVAC system more frequently than necessary, raising your energy costs, and lowering the energy efficiency of your house. Contact a heating replacement in Lake Oswego if you face such problems.

• Risk of mold growth in the home.

Making sure your house is mold-free is a high responsibility since mold may seriously harm your health. Mold, dust mites, and cockroaches may all be controlled by keeping the relative humidity between 30 and 50%. Mold can cause nasal congestion, throat discomfort, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, or skin irritation. You can remove mold by pouring bleach solution into the affected area. Pour one cup of bleach into a gallon of water, and you are ready to wash off the mold.

• Negative impact on health.

People who stay at home more often are the most vulnerable to the harmful effects of indoor air pollution and those with heart disease. Some indoor pollutants have increased in recent decades due to energy-efficient building construction and increased use of synthetic materials. These can also lead to excessive humidity in your home, which can cause health issues.

Tips on how to manage humidity in your home!

Here are some ways by which you maintain a balance in indoor air by investing some money: 

1. Smart thermostats

Thermostats that can be programmed are a great investment. You can manually adjust the temperature during the day and at night and save the settings. Some thermostats display the humidity levels in your home and alert you if there is an issue. A heating installation lake Oswego, can assist you in choosing the best programmable thermostat for your home.

2. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

If humidity levels are high, mold may grow, and health problems such as allergies and asthma may get serious. A dehumidifier is an important tool for preventing moisture-related problems and improving your air quality. Humidifiers can help increase moisture levels if there is a lack of humidity in the air. 

3. Air purifiers

An air purifier is another system that can help to clean indoor air and remove pollutants. You can invest in an air purifier that uses a HEPA filter, a pre-filter, and an activated carbon air filter. 

Temperature and cleanliness can affect the air quality in a home. Without effective humidity regulation, it is impossible to maintain consistent and comfortable indoor air quality in a home. For heating replacement in Lake Oswego, contact Trantel Services. We are experts in providing heating, cooling, and other services required to turn your house into a comfortable space for your family. Give our team a call today at (503) 808-9946.