Do You Need Air Conditioning Service In Portland?

Do You Need Air Conditioning Service In Portland?

Most homeowners consider having an air conditioning a necessity and prerequisite for comfort. However, many homes in Portland are split between installing an air conditioner and sticking with fans and windows.

Benefits of Air Conditioning

There are various pros to installing an air conditioner. Listed below are six of those benefits.

Lower the High Humidity

According to technicians of AC repair Portland OR, mold, heatstroke, dehydration, and dust mites are all related to high humidity.

Stop Parasites & Insects

People search for any technique or device to stop ant infestations, house flies, and mosquito bites. Few people know this, but your air conditioning lowers the number of bugs and parasites

Fumes & Odors

No matter what the odor or fume is—fumes, stale air, cleaning agents, or even spoiled milk—air conditioning helps block it out. You can eliminate any odors or substances that could harm your health by replacing the foul air with clean air.

Improved Air Quality

Your AC regulates your home’s temperature and enhances ventilation. We also provide the best services of AC installation West Linn.

Reduce Heat Stroke Risk

Since the lack of water intake is the primary cause of dehydration, sweat is an essential aspect many people overlook. According to AC replacement in Portland, OR, experts AC can stop it from happening. Your body temperature will drop, and less sweat will occur in your cool home.

Growth of Mold

Your room may get moist and dreary without AC, which makes your room vulnerable to mold. The health benefit of air conditioning is that it keeps the air dry and prevents mold growth.

One Should Be Aware of These Air Conditioning Side Effects

Dry Eyes

Prolonged exposure to air conditioning might exacerbate symptoms if you already have dry eyes.

Dry Skin

People who spend too much time indoors in the air conditioning often get dry, itchy skin.

Respiratory Problems

Long-term exposure to air conditioning can result in respiratory issues that affect the nose, throat, and eyes. You can develop nasal obstruction, rhinitis, and dry throat.

Asthma and Allergies

If your air conditioner isn’t cleaned and maintained correctly, there’s a higher chance that asthma and allergy triggers will worsen.

Infectious Diseases

Spending too much time in air conditioning can dry up your nasal passages. You may be more susceptible to viral infections if you lack protective mucus.


You could experience a headache if you frequently enter air-conditioned exit spaces or abruptly leave them for the heat outside


According to experts of AC service Lake Oswego, some people who spend a lot of time in air conditioning have reported feeling tired and sluggish.

Portland's Best Option is a Heat Pump

According to experts of AC service in Lake Oswego, through the installation of a heat pump, you can combine your heating and cooling in one device.

Heat pumps are the best option for homeowners who don’t want to build a separate furnace and air conditioning system because they can both chill and heat your home.

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