Does A Furnace Need To Be Serviced Every Year?

Does A Furnace Need To Be Serviced Every Year?

A furnace is a machine that needs appropriate maintenance, for proper functioning and efficiency. As per HVAC experts, you must service a heating system at least twice a year.

If your unit meets any problem, you should call an expert at furnace repair West Linn to ensure your heating system remains up and running. What if you were to service the furnace yearly instead of having to pay for an expensive, unexpected furnace repair?

Benefits of Yearly Furnace Service

  • The Extension of the Service Capacity

As your HVAC partner might have told you, a furnace system works smoothly for about 15 to 18 years. But it depends on how meticulously you have maintained the system.

From the date of heating replacement Lake Oswego, you should service your unit for a year at least. Regular servicing makes your unit operate smoothly, and as a result, its life expectancy will increase gradually.

  • Free Flow of the Air

Inspecting and maintaining the furnace allows you to get more fresh air. Due to constant work, the ducts and vents start gathering soot and other unhealthy airborne particles.

These things need to be removed from the system to enable the system to perform at its full capacity. If you ignore these ducts and vents for a long time, you may have to spend extra on furnace repair in West Linn.

  • Improvement of the Energy Efficiency

The more you service the furnace, the more efficient your system will be, because with servicing, the system is getting better and will refrain from unexpected furnace repair in West Linn.

  • The Manufacturer’s Warranty Matters

The manufacturer provides a warranty upon your heating installation in Lake Oswego. However, it is only valid if the furnace can be serviced at least twice a year. You should think about hiring a seasoned HVAC technician to maintain your furnace. We also provide the best services of heat pump service West Linn OR.

  • Fewer Repair Works

Regular servicing ensures that your furnace will require fewer repair works. When the technicians inspect and service the furnace system, many problems will emerge and be taken care of immediately.

Furnace repair in West Linn will be minimum throughout the year. It is also to be noted that the furnace works the most in the winter season, which is why it is essential to service the furnace on time.

  • Filter and Wire Check

The furnace works better when its internal parts like filter and wire are in proper condition. Adequate servicing ensures that these parts can be efficient. More importantly, maintenance work reduces any hefty expenses in the future.


Furnace servicing is necessary given the circumstances of the weather conditions and our usage. That is why the heating installation Lake Oswego must be followed by yearly maintenance service.

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