Heat Pump Installation In Portland OR

Heat Pump Installation In Portland, Lake Oswego, West Linn, OR and Surrounding Areas

The one-step solution to all weather heating and cooling issues is the installation of heat pumps If you want to contribute to a sustainable and greener environment, consider installing a heat pump. For easy installation and maintenance, contact HVAC contractor West Linn OR.

What is a Heat Pump?

It is a device that effectively moves hot air in and out of your house as per your preference. At some point, you can take heat pumps as the replacement for air conditioners because it works for all seasons.

Things to Consider Before Heat Pump Installation

Before getting a heat pump, consider the points given below.

The Efficiency of the House Duct Network

Before you decide to get a heat pump, hiring a professional from heat pump service West Linn OR to inspect ducts and electric circuits and complete the HVAC system is better. Therefore, it is wise to upgrade your house’s insulation and ductwork to avoid air leaks and prevent your heat pump from losing its efficiency.

Size of the Heat Pump

While planning to install a heat pump, you should contact your trusted HVAC professional and discuss the right heat pump installation for maximum efficiency. It is wise to get a properly sized heat pump according to the size of your home to have optimal heat throughout the space. The bigger the heat pump motor, the more air will move through your house’s duct system effectively.

Kind of Heat Pump

Choosing the right kind of heat pump requires you to have a keen knowledge of the ductwork and insulation of your home. You can choose simple air source heat pumps if you don’t want heavy ducts and wiring. These pumps use air for heat exchange inside and outside.

Therefore, summers are optimal for such systems. However, if you want higher efficiency all year and maximum heating, you can opt for geothermal heat pumps. These ground source heat pumps require ground loops to be installed under the ground and create a network of highly efficient, constantly working heat pumps. Such systems are difficult in terms of installation but last longer. We also offer the services of heater replacement Portland OR.

Steps for the Installation of a Heat Pump at Your Home

The air source heat pumps are ductless and therefore easy to install because of no ducts. For a qualified professional, the air source heat pump will take no more than five days, while the ground involving ductwork will take longer. The basic steps for all heat pump installations are:

Getting Equipment and Indoor Units

The heat pump installation begins when the HVAC experts start mounting the indoor unit on the wall with the support of the mounting plate. In the case of ducted systems, the contractor will install the entire system in your home and then connect the ductwork to the indoor unit.

Creating Air Exchange Points Inside the Home

An air access point is created between the heat pump’s indoor and outdoor units to facilitate air circulation. To connect the pipings for water transport, the contractor will drill holes for the refrigerant line, condenser line, and electrical supplies separately. All the drilling should be done after considering the status of the air exchange points to stay near the attic or outdoor unit.

Installation of the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is typically mounted above the ground over a concrete slab or platform so that it does not interfere with the electrical lines, and the exchange of air is easy.

Connecting the Indoor and Outdoor Units

Next, the refrigerant and condensate lines are connected to indoor and outdoor units. The coolant will be circulated through the pipings depending on the cool or hot temperature you want. Contact the heat pump repair Lake Oswego immediately if a problem occurs.

Installation of Wirings and Electrical Supplies

All the electrical lines will be insulated and attached as conduits to avoid short breakdowns. You will connect the drain lines to the outdoor condenser unit.

Final Trial and Quality Testing

The final touches include the installation of temperature sensors and pipes for proper water drainage and additional security. Painting the walls and removing the old structures are also done.

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