How Much Does It Cost To Service A Furnace?

How Much Does It Cost To Service A Furnace?

If you have a heating system at home, at some point in its lifespan, you will have to call a reputable service provider for maintenance and repairs, which is why it is essential to know the cost of the services for furnace repair Portland OR.

A reputable service provider is required to advise you to exercise caution and research the price of heater replacement in Portland, OR, or surrounding areas. It is preferable to compare cost estimates from various HVAC service providers rather than relying solely on one.

Furnace service and its estimated cost.

Furnace installation

Installation service is one of the most preferred furnace services. An efficient heating installation Lake Oswego, OR, may cost you in the below-mentioned manner:

  • New furnace – $2500 to $7000.
  • Installation charge – $120 to $450 an hour.
  • Old furnace removal – $50 to $500.
  • New gas lines – $300 to $750.
  • New duct work – $3500 to $4500.
  • Permit and inspection – $350 to $1200.

Furnace repair

People search for expert furnace repair in Portland, OR, at the start or in the thick of winter. As a homeowner, know how much you will have to shell out for the repair service.

Most homeowners spend around $130 to $450 to repair the unit. However, it is advised to consider a replacement service instead of repair work if the repair cost exceeds $500 and your furnace is just a few months old.

  •  Now, let’s have a look at the costs of various furnace repairs in Portland in OR:
  • Flame sensor – $80 to $200
  • Thermostat – $120 to $550
  • Blower motor capacitor – $140 to $450
  • Oil combustion chamber – $200 to $550
  • Heat exchanger – $500 to $1600
  • Gas valve – $250 to $1100
  • Control and circuit board – $150 to $650
  • Condenser and evaporator coils – $500 to $2200
  • Relay switch – $150 to $280
  • Igniter – $150 to $300

Furnace maintenance

Whether you need heater replacement in Portland, OR, or mere repair work, this can only be decided by professional HVAC technicians through a maintenance service. Furnace maintenance can be of two types:

One time maintenance

The HVAC technicians visit your place once and charge you $50 to $250. This is the standard pricing.

Annual maintenance plan

If you subscribe to the various maintenance plans offered by the contractors, you will have to spend $200 to $350 a year. Such a maintenance plan includes two tune-ups of your HVAC system – your AC and the furnace. An annual maintenance plan can minimize the need for heater replacement Portland OR.

Factors influencing the furnace service cost.

Some common factors are involved in the furnace cost, and these factors remain constant, more or less:

  • The furnace type matters the most – oil, electric, and flame.
  • The location decides the price of the service cost too.
  • The kind of HVAC contractor you hire also decides the service cost.

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