The water heater has become an essential part of our life. It is hard to complete daily chores and maintain hygiene during severe winters without a water heater. A water heater also requires various services to perform efficiently.

Out of all the water heater services in Lake Oswego, OR, an annual tune-up is the most essential because it reduces the expenses and needs of other water heater services.

Water Heater: Components and Mechanisms

A water heater consists of a tank that contains certain gallons of water depending on the size of the tank. A dip tube located at the top of the water tank lets the water enter the water tank.

A shut-off valve stops water from entering the tank upon reaching the limit. A heat-out pipe at the bottom of the tank circulates the hot water through faucets.

A water heater has a thermostat that maintains the temperature of hot water. Some water heaters use gas and a burner to heat the water, while some have an electrical element inside the tank for water heating. The tankless water heaters also remove the problem of limited hot water supply.

Whether to Repair or Replace the Water Heater

If your water heater has become ineffective, you will have to choose between the repair or replacement service. Your decision depends on five factors.

1. The Cost-Effective Option

The first thing you need to consider is the repair and replacement cost.  Instead of investing too much in water heater repairs, replace it with a more efficient water heater.

2. Minor or Major issues

The decision also depends on the type of water heater malfunction. If fluctuations in thermostat temperatures, faulty burner, tripped breaker, and defective pilot light are annoying you, fix these problems by scheduling a repair service.

If leakage and flooding near the water heater are your problems, some serious internal flaws involve expensive solutions. Fix this malfunction with a heater replacement service in Lake Oswego, OR.

3. Under Warranty or Not

If the defective water heater component is under warranty, the part replacement cost will be covered by the manufacturer. You should consider replacement when the warranty has not expired to save money on the service. 

4. The Age of the Water Heater

A water heater usually lasts ten years, and a storage tank can last up to 15 years. On the other hand, if you use a solar water heater, its lifespan is approximately 20 years. 

The water heater is beneficial if you maintain its efficiency with annual water heater services in Portland, OR. If your water heater is about to reach its lifespan limit, replace the malfunctioning water heater.

5. Water Heater Repair Durability

In addition to how many repairs you need to troubleshoot your water heater, you should also consider how long those repairs will last. You can get all the information from our experienced technician once your water heater is inspected. 

Trust a nearby technician with good testimonials to ensure you are provided the right solution at a fair price.

Hire a Qualified Professional

Whether you need a water heater repair or replacement, you should be careful about the technician you hire. The professional must have experience in water heater services. With this experience, the HVAC professional must have a certificate, a trustworthy reputation, and transparent pricing. 

You can get all this and more at Trantel Services. We provide A to Z water heater services in Lake Oswego, OR, indoor air quality, HVAC, ductless services, etc. Request service now to get your water heater inspected by our highly qualified technicians.