What Is Included In A Furnace Inspection?

What Is Included In A Furnace Inspection?

Having a furnace at home during winter is important. Professional HVAC service providers advise you to service your system at least twice a year. Do not ignore servicing and system maintenance simply after the furnace installation Portland is complete.

The professionals for furnace installation in Portland will inspect the system step by step. This way, you will get to know the system better and be ready for any emergencies that may arise in the future.

An Elaborate Furnace Inspection Checklist

  • Air Filters

Air filters are an essential part of the HVAC system. These filters work meticulously every second to remove any airborne virus or bacteria, dust, and particulate matter from the indoor air.

Such an essential piece of equipment should not remain covered in dust. Otherwise, opt for a heating replacement in Lake Oswego. The technicians inspect these filters and restore these parts to the best condition possible.

  • The Thermostat

The thermostat is one such piece of equipment that keeps the temperature evenly across your house. As a homeowner, you can follow the below-mentioned checklist for proper thermostat inspection:

  • You must ensure that the heating mode is on the thermostat.
  • It would be best to replace the battery of the system.
  • If you change the temperature setting for the first time in the winter season, set the temperature a few degrees higher.

You must follow these initial steps to avoid furnace repair Portland OR any time soon.

  • The Power Connection

Furnace inspection also includes the checking of the power supply board. Ensure that there is no hindrance in supplying power to the thermostat and the heating system. If you find any discrepancy in the circuit, we advise you not to approach it and wait for the technicians of professional furnace installation in Portland.

  • The Vents

The vents are the medium through which the warm or cool air travels to your rooms. Any issue with the vents can lead to heating replacement Lake Oswego. Since the vents are quite complex to deal with, call for a professional inspection that involves the following:

The technicians inspect the vents deeply to find out if there is any leak or damage and repair the faults immediately.
The experts also take care of the ignition and pilot light. These two must be properly positioned for the furnace to work efficiently.
Lubrication is a must. The technicians ensure that every moving part is adequately lubricated, like – the motor, blower fan, etc.

  • The Drain System

Water drainage is an ordinary matter if you use a high-efficiency furnace. Inspect the drainage system appropriately and ensure no blockage is present.

If you ignore a vital service, you will face significant issues regarding your furnace. An inspection can make your system healthy again. Contact Trantel Services, the best service provider for furnace installation in Portland.

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